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I've pulled the trigger

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

I've also decided to become a manufacturer of kits to help keen car enthusiasts turn their much-loved classics into useable, green, fast cars.

It does seem likely that the pressures to end the use of combustion cars will increase over time, and the restrictions are starting to bite. London has introduced its first combustion-free street, and a comprehensive scheme of emissions zones. More cities will follow. They are obviously a correct and proportionate response to the growing problems of climate change and the pollution of the natural world.

I'm doing all the business stuff now, and refining my designs. I'm going to start with The Barchetta and offer kits for wide-tunnel MG B shells in both Sports and GT forms, and for left and right-hand-drive. I'm looking for a LHD GT shell now.

I'm also actively looking for a small workshop. I have a sub-assembly shop, hard-standing space and storage, but I have nowhere to actually build the car. That is my first priority for January 2022. That and not getting Covid.

Wish me luck

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